Bending Time and Space


28 days… 6 hours… 42 minutes… 12 seconds

This is the 2nd concecutive year I’ve been involved with the fantastic art-based charity ArtVCancer who produce, promote and sell artwork to raise money for a collection of cancer charities. This years theme was ‘Bending Time and Space’ and for this I chose to create something based on the slightly more obscure “time-travelling” film… Donnie Darko.
This piece depicts the last 12 seconds of Donnie Darko’s countdown to the end of the world. The only part of the “vessel” that actually bends time and space within the film is the jet engine that mysteriously falls from the sky. The blades of which are used to intersect the faces of Donnie Darko and his doomsaying imaginary friend Frank, the scary man-sized rabbit.